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Injury Recovery with Chiropractic Care

Taking up multi sport puts a lot of stresses on your body, especially if your body isnt functioning correctly in the first place.

I started struggling with glute and leg pain for over a year and couldn’t seem to shake it off. I tried rest, massage and neither worked.

 I was recommended by a friend and fellow athlete to Jonathan Spodofora at Holly Cottage Chiropractic Clinic, Sutton Coldfield.

Below is the first account of procedures, I have gone through pre diagnosis.
Account written by Jonathan Spodofora DC

Scott was first presented to me in April 2015 with a one year history of left lateral leg pain and excessive muscle tightness into his gluteal region. Scott had been managing his complaint with massage therapy which had kept him training and competing over the last year. 

During assessment here at the Holly Cottage Chiropractic clinic we tested Scott’s mechanical and neurological systems to try and understand the mechanics behind his complaint. 

I always say that knowing what is painful is relatively easy but understanding why something is painful is the most difficult but most important thing. Understanding why something is problematic will allow you to change the mechanism that is faulty so therefore giving long term benefit and performance improvements. That’s what we set out to do with Scott. 
Through orthopaedic and neurologic testing it was apparent that Scott had a left sided nerve irritation that was casing referred pain to his left leg and tightening to the muscles that it innovates. If you have a nerve that is irritated, it is not able to communicate correctly with the structures that is controls. It can cause weakness or over activity to a muscle. 

Repetitive over activity of a muscle can lead to chronic muscle damage and shortening of the fibres, creating pain and reduced function. This is obviously not good for anyone especially an amateur athlete. 
The most likely area to have a nerve irritation is in the low back so it was decided that Scott needed a lumbar spine x ray to fully understand his individual mechanics. 

We have radiographic equipment here at the clinic so 20 minutes later we were looking at Scott’s low back in much more detail. It was then obvious where the problem was coming from. Scott’s last intervetabral disc had decreased in size and was being overloaded. This was because the angle between his sacrum (large fused bone that connects the pelvis to the spine) and last vertebra (L5) was too great.

 This was really related to Scott’s posture but it had been incorrect for years – so long that it had started to overload his disc and therefore unevenly wearing the disc. This was happening much quicker than normal mechanics would have allowed. 

This was the reason why he was struggling !! Now we know what the problem is we can plan how to best help ….. 

Jonathan Spodofora DC
I will be blogging about the next part of my chiropractic journey in the next few weeks.
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The Road to ETU Sprint Duathlon Qualification 

I’ve competed in a few sprint triathlons in the past three years, but never really had a structured training plan.


After looking at ways I could improve my performances, obtaining a coach to support this vision was the only way to go.


I contacted a local Pro cyclist/coach called Jacob Tipper in 2014, who has given me structured plans to attain my goals. This was the best investment I have made, as working alongside a coach lets you work on your strengths and weaknesses without trying to second-guess what they actually are.


We set out my objectives of sub-goals and primary goals, all contributing towards what I wanted to achieve.


Qualification for the ETU 2016 Sprint Duathlon Championships was early 2015 and I knew I needed to work hard to make the 35-39 age group team.


There were 3 qualification races to choose from and, after much deliberation, I went for Clumber Park Duathlon and then Vale of Glamorgan Duathlon.


Naturally, I did a couple of races before to get a bit more experience as I was relatively new to this type of competition. One example was finishing 3rd in the 1485 No Frills Duathlon…

suddenly I began to think I could do this, a train of thought that gathered pace when I won the Peopleton Short Duathlon.


This success was quickly followed by Clumber park, a 5km Run, 20km Bike and 2.5km Run.


 The event itself is one of the biggest I’ve competed in. Approximately1100 people take part over the standard and sprint distances and the atmosphere was electric – even though it was a cold, windy day.


As I approached the mass start, butterflies started in my stomach but I felt good.


The first run went well coming in at 18:16 and I had one of the quickest T1s. Then disaster hit, the bike mount line was a bit hectic and for some unknown reason I mounted before the line. 

I was penalised for this and was told to wait at the side; it must have cost me about a minute in total but felt like 10x that long. What a schoolboy error, but I had to carry on.


Like I said before it was a cold and windy day and I just could not get into a decent rhythm on my bike. My hands were suffering to, I was getting white finger it was that cold!


I came into T2 and set off on my second run, but my calves then started cramping… this was getting worse! I finished a disappointing 73rd out of479 and 14th in my Age Group.


After sitting down with my coach Jacob we addressed the weaknesses of the race and worked on them in the month prior to the Vale of Glamorgan.


This race day soon arrived and I was feeling good, albeit suffering from an injury which had been plaguing me for the last 12 months. I’ll leave that for a future blog.


I arrived the day before the race and did a course recce, which was extremely beneficial.


The run was on a racing track and flat country lanes, whilst the bike route was an out and back and was undulating. The distances for this race were as follows:


Run 1: 5.5k 

Bike: 26k

Run 2: 2.5k


The race itself was on a smaller scale than Clumber Park, but Aim2Tri did an excellent job of organising such a good event.


For this race, I decided to take my turbo trainer with me to warm up and did a good 20mins with a few efforts. The bike was racked and I was raring to go.


 The first run went well with a time of 19:49. T1 was ok, but could have been smoother and I didn’t make the same mistake at the mounting line!!


 The bike was ok and the conditions were fine. T2 again was decent, yet there was still room for improvement.


Run 2 was tough as the wind had picked up, but I just kept plugging away,In the hope I’d done enough to make the top 4 in my Age Group (AG).


Waiting for the results was nerve wracking, but I’d done it, just! I’d grabbed 3rd spot in my AG and couldn’t have been happier.


I got the confirmation Q next to my name and just had to play the waiting game for the location of the Championships.

They have been announced to take place in Kalker, Germany on 16/17th April 2016 and I can’t wait! Training has already begun and I’ve been very fortunate to attract a number of sponsors, who are making this challenge a possibility.


I’d like to say a big thank you to:


• RaceCo Cycles UK


 • Nutrixxion UK



• Holly Cottage Chiropractic Clinic


• Cucumber PR Ltd


 • Decathlon Wednesbury



 Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and following my journey to Germany!


Scotty Duathlete



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