Hello, my name is Scott Palmer and I started out in multi-sport in 2012 after seeing my brother-in-law in action for Black Country Triathletes.

Watching him compete generated a sense of sporting excitement that I hadn’t experienced for a while and whet my appetite enough to think ‘I’ll give this a go’.

I come from a football background and had played competitively since the age of 13…well when I say competitively I did a job at full-back for a few teams.

By the time I reached the age of 26, I felt it was time for a change and settled on Sport Kick Boxing as the next step.

This wasn’t a bad move. I won a few trophies and represented England in Italy, where I gained a bronze and returned with all my teeth.

Unfortunately, a nose operation put a premature stop to my kick boxing aspirations so my attention turned to playing the fairways for a few years.

Well that was until a chance occasion supporting my brother-in-law renewed my more intense sporting interest.

My first race was the BCT Wombourne Sprint Triathlon, which was a real baptism of fire.

I had never really took to swimming as a child and could barely complete 2 lengths so I was letting myself in for a bit of an uphill challenge before the starting gun had even fired.

Training comprised of a weekend mountain bike ride, a couple of two mile runs and about 20 lengths swimming per week!! How I paid for this!

I finished in a time of 1h 12 mins for a 400m/20k/5k race, but felt like death.

Once the aches and pains started to ease, I realised I was hooked and wanted to beat that time. Imagine if I trained longer? Imagine if I had a decent bike?

I have since dropped swimming, as the time constraints of running an electrical installation business http://www.electrixinstall.co.uk and keeping two young children occupied takes its toll on the diary.

My focus for the past eighteen months has been on competing in Duathlon and Time Trialing and I’ve managed to raise my game sufficiently to qualify for the GB Age Group ETU Sprint Duathlon European Championships in April this year.

I’ll be using this blog to keep you updated with my training, my thoughts ahead of the competition and then to give you an insight of what it is like when I get over to Germany.

There’ll also be race reports and reviews for all the sports equipment and services my very kind sponsors are providing.

Hope you enjoy the read and look forward to responding to any comments/questions you may have!

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